Styremøte 2023-08-15

Folk: Susan, Aleksandra, Liv Anna, Otto

Trengingstider og forelding av aktiviteter

Kids: Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays

  • Irina cannot help Mondays. Aleksandar may step inn.
  • Teenagers may prefere to fence with older fencers
    • Thomas and Kristoffer
    • We offer them to attend adult training when they want

Tuesday + Thurday E4 + E5 (??)

Bring a friend

  • This is for a member to bring a friend to test fencing
  • Need to happen when there are main and assistant instructor present

Saturday Come-n-try events

  • Jørgen and Celine are now experienced in this «game» after this summers Multisportsuke
  • Spektrum charge kr 338 per hour, Saturday mornings are normally available

Membership fees

  • Refugies (Uraniens) pay only kr 200 (membershipfee) (ref earlier boardmeeting)
  • Para-fencers should also only pay kr 200

Spond for påmelding til trening

  • Susan invites all member into Spond
  • Otto checks to what extent Spond can also do invoicing

Høstdagene ved Haukvannet

  • TTF get kr 1500
  • Sunday 3/9 kl12-15
  • We may offer it to assistant instructors
    • Otto informs Jørgen and Celine
    • Susan sender også epost

Invitation to tournaments

  • Several invitations to «ungdomsserien» in Oslo
  • A easy accessible calendar showing relevant upcoming tournaments would helpful…

Fencing association wants to organize training clinic in Trd

  • They suggest 11-12/11
  • Vinterstøtet is 4-5/11 …
    • If TTF is organizing a trip to Oslo, organizing a clinic the weekend after may be a bit too much… ?

Startup in September

  • A new meeting with instructors
    • Wednesday Aug 30 (most people seem to be available)
    • Susan sends out invites
    • Include Morten and Dan so we also can discuss Tordenskiold cup